Monday, February 11, 2008

Lillian Ray, part III

Suck it, fuck it,
Ligget, but hey don't stigget
crackhead pussy queef!

Lillian Ray

I need a new bed ya'll. Mine sucks anus, it has a lifetime warranty but with all the lovemilk I have shot into that mattress I doubt they would take it back, and it's broken. Some asshole busted the boxsprings and warped the bedframe by trying to superman onto the bed.

Anyway, on to Lillian Ray. I wanted to give you all a few days to stomach that photo of Phil McKraken before we moved on, and I think you have had enough time now. Scammers = black, mine = red, thoughts = blue:

RE: *kiss* With love Phil McKraken‏
From: Miss Lilian Ray (
Sent: Mon 12/03/07 8:48 AM

Hello My Sweetheart Phil McKraken,

How are you doing today? Hope all is well with you, honey I got your mail and the content of your mail is well understood by me, honey I am highly impressed after reading your sweet mail and whenever I remember that am about to get married to the man I love, my heart is always filled with joy.

My love am very happy about that arrangement if you can help me to come over to your country and spend the rest of my life with you. I'm looking forward to building a loving tender marriage caring relationship with you. As God said that when we marry we become one and I want that ones completely in my marriage life. Phil immediately I come to your country promise me that my late father's money will be taken care of by you. May God bless you, make you happy and have everything you ever wanted in life plus a wonderful future. Darling like I told you Reverend John Paul has really been good to me here at the refugee camp, he went this morning to the embassy with my refugee identity card to know the necessary requirements that I need to meet before I can leave the refugee camp and travel down to your country.

From Reverends inquiry at the embassy today,I need the following before I can be allow to travel out of Senegal

1. International passport

2. Senegalese residence permit.

3. International certificate of vaccination. LOL every time I read this it makes me laugh.

4. Police character certificate.

Darling I only have refugee identity card with me, and the others Reverend has promise to assist in getting it ready for me because its is needed. Darling I have told Reverend everything about you that I am coming over to your country and as well get married to you any moment from now and he has promise to go to the immigration office and relevant offices where the documents will be prepared for me by next week, I beg you to contact the Reverend and he will explain more to you on how these documents will be prepared.

Honey I will like to hear your lovely voice and be happy I want you to call me on the reverend father's Tel: 00221-772-418-111 tomorrow from 12.30noon to 4.30pm(12.30GMT-16.30GMT). Remember God has brought us together I believe no man can put asunder. Here is the Reverend John Paul e-mail address and telephone number I will like you to write him and thank him for everything he has been doing for me.

Tel: 00221-772-418-111.

Darling I love you, I miss you, I feel you, and I want to be with you.Take good care of yourself for me.My hug and kiss goes to Phil McKraken the one I love.

*kiss* With love,

Yours Love,

Lilian Ray

I gotta say, this scammer picked a lovely young lady to use as their avatar. A few questions plague me, though: Why is she always wearing the same clothes? Why, if she is in a refugee camp, are her clothes cleaner than anything I have ever worn? and as you will see, why, if she is in a refugee camp, is she able tot ake photos next to a barn, an indoor courtyard pool, and the beach? Very strange refugee camp, indeed.

RE: *kiss* With love Phil McKraken‏
From: Philip McKraken (
Sent: Tue 12/04/07 10:41 AM
To: Miss Lilian Ray (

My Dearest Lilian,
Much has happened that is so terrible I fear it will tear this country apart. The South has tried to secede over growing tensions caused by the war in Mesopotamia, and the general fears our negotiations will be short-lived. We cannot allow the South to become it's own country, we must stand united, that is what the President said today in his speech. It is a calming feeling indeed to know I have a strong willed ebony queen whom no one knows about due to sociatal norms in this country who will love me and keep me sane in these trying times. I am desperate to hear the sound of your voice, I long to see you standing in the doorway, kerosene lamps glowing fragrantly in the night sky, the horses neighing contentedly in the barn.
I need to know you feel the same way about me as I do about you, Lilian. Tell me how we will please each other, tell me how I should make love to you. Tell me where you want to be kissed, nuzzled and pounded with reckless abandon. Tell me whether you spit or swallow. I love you, dearest Lilian, and yearn to see more of you, I have told my lawyer, Hot Karl, about our love, which is love at first sight. He said that you might be a scammer, and to get a picture of you in a different outfit because all of the ones ou have sent me could have been from a series of pictures gleaned off of the internet.
I called him a liar and a bold faced scalliwag, knocked off his derby hat and cloak and engaged in a hurried bout of fisticuffs with him, besting him in a most exhilirating manner. But the truth of the matter is I need Hot Karl's assistance, as he has an equal share in my company, The Love Box. I need his signature to come up with any money we might need in order to get you out of that horrible hell hole you are stuck in, my beautiful turdblossom (a lot of people think turdblossoms are disgusting, I am not sure why, how could a beautiful flower be disgusting?).
For Hot Karl's sake and to put his mind at ease, could you send along a picture in a different outfit? Try to make it more revealing, but not too much more, maybe some shorts and a halter top, so I can look upon the beautiful prize I am getting, because that is what you are, my love, a beautiful prize won at the carnival of Life. And I am the bearded lady of solidarity. I will write Mr. John Paul, please tell me he approves of the love we share, as the thought of him being against it is overbearing, and I cannot go against a man of the touching cloth.
Yours, Phil McKraken
PS - Did you like my picture? I am proud of my body, and do not mind showing it off. I can send you a picture that shows a little more if you like, though I would want one in return from you, beautiful.
More tomorrow...

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