Wednesday, February 20, 2008


a road less travelled
setting sun; golden treetops
Not in KC Beeitch!

I am a lazy buzzard. I have 2 stories to finish up, one on my end days at GE and another on whatever I wrote about yesterday, but I spent all my time creating a myspace page. Add me if you want, or don't, no pressure,\da_stevester

I am getting Lasik Friday, so I was gonna be kinda scared, but hell I am slowly going blind anyway, might as well go get surgery and sue someone for it.

Not many votes on the poll, I promise the third choice is the only one like that... seriously. I can't stop watching that video, as sad as that sounds.

I will round some of this crap up tomorrow, I need to actually get some damn work done.

Congrats to Max for breaking free from the chains that bind and the leather clad asses that show themselves, he probably deserved it the most. But it is only a partial congrats because he got a job right by where I live, so I am also jealous and hate him for that. I would trade jobs but I just found out how to view porn on my computer so I don't want to go through that crap again.

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