Monday, November 19, 2007


Come on steveshaikus
work your therapeutic charm
Brown bear's not happy

Assorted shit.

So I got my second stripe on my black belt Saturday, I am now a Nidan, which is I guess pretty cool. The test was different, Instead of the traditional go through all of the katas one by one and do the bunkais (practical applications) for each, I think I personally did 3 katas, no bunkais, and then Hanshi (our grand master) had each of us turn our back, and gave the other two testing students instructions on a variety of ways to attack me, to see what I would do in an unscripted situation. I really liked that part, because I was able to completely clear my head, stop thinking, and just let my hands and feet do the talking. It is one of the first times I felt like karate would help out in a real situation, though I still felt kind of cheated because I practice all of my katas, had I known I would only do like 3 I would have not bothered practicing.

My sister's wedding was yesterday, and it was a medieval affair, man there were a lot of unleashed sweater puppies, some on the ladies too. I found out when I go there I was supposed to walk her down the aisle, which is great because I had not rehearsed it yet. After the service, she asks me how it could be that the two of us made it out alive. I just smiled and looked away, but then it got me thinking... how is it that we were all raised in the same house, yet turned out so different? How did Smeagol become a complete and total failure, taking joy in ekeing out a life on the fringes of civilization, shunning a world so cruel? How did JJ turn to gangbanging, in all senses of the word, and dealing drugs across the hallway to my dad?

Anyway, I figured since I have been so busy I would roll out some scams, but I think those will keep until tomorrow, like the haiku says I am not in the best of moods this morning. Smeagol left in the dead of the night, after stopping my parents toilet up one last time and taking about a weeks' worth of groceries with him. What an asswipe. I kinda thought he might do that, since he was apparently talking a lot of smack in the days leading up to the showdown, but no one guessed he would raptor all their food on his way back to his cave.

More tomorrow.

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