Thursday, October 4, 2007

Just a quick item

I know you have all at one point or another asked for Smeagol's picture. I asked JJ to bring it by yesterday and offered him some free video games to sweeten the deal. He forgot it, or couldn't find one. I will go to my parent's house this weekend and pick up a picture of both Smeagol and Mystery.

Before you vote, think about it: you have a good idea of how Smeagol and Mystery look in your head already... Smeagol, looking like an aborigine, wearing baggy bikini briefs, balls hanging in the breeze, permed hair, constant scowl, and Mystery, tall, dumb, smelly. I am certain the pictures will reaffirm your beliefs, but what if they look so horrid you feel sorry for them? Then the blog will no longer be funny... these are things to think about. They are both assholes and evil ones at that, but I already know that.

Please vote, and enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Okay Steve-o I voted yes, so that the rest of the world will have to see what we know as Smeagal. If you dare, I agree go ahead and vote. Just remember that you can't unsee things!