Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's Picture Time!

It's picture time, friends
look at Smeagol, but be warned:
none have lived after

Alright, maybe it is kind of lame on my part, but I still kinda feel bad even though Smeagol treated me like crap for most of my life, hits on my wife all the time, stopped my toilet up once, borrows money and then disappears, calls me first to get bailed out of jail every other month, etc., the list goes on. Maybe I'm a good person. Maybe I am above all of this. Nah. It's good therapy, and though I may feel bad for Smeagol to a very small extent, I still hate Mystery to no end because she can't stand me. Anyway, on to the pics first:

Here is one of Mystery in Smeagol's favorite lair, my mom's sectional couch. Bonus points if you can guess which blanket Smeagol is sleeping under! (really):

Sorry about the size, but I have to shrink them to get all of them in one post... next on our oddyssey, the one, the only, Smeagol, next to my sister's dog, who she said pissed on him not long after this picture was taken:

I know some of you are disappointed, the ones I took with the little camera after the move did not come out too well, apparently Smeagol got his claw up just in time to completely screw up the picture. I do have another pic for right now, a super sexy one for all you single ladies out there:

I gotta tell you I am not sure what the fuck he is doing in this picture, I will leave that up to interpretation. Notice the doubled up socks, apparently the insides of his shoes are to stressful on his feet so he has to have a dual cottony cushion of fabric on his feet so as not to risk horrible injury.

I am not sure I am going to leave these up for very long, but I might because I am not happy with either of them right now. Anyway, I will post the scam letter tomorrow, I am working 3 scams at once, awesome stuff!

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