Monday, September 3, 2007

My Brother's Wife, Present Saga

Ah, my family
crack, incest, jail, it's all there
the saga goes on...

My brother's wife, present day

Alright, I am going to jump around some, but do not worry I will explain everything in future posts.

OK, so after they split up yet again, this time because he caught her taking it up the ass from the janitor at WORK this time, and also because he got fired for letting his doberman run free and bite the residents, my brother began.... leeching off of my little brother's scraps.

My little brother, and this is a conundrum I will come back to many, MANY times, is a DEVIL with the ladies. I have personally heard him tell a girl he has no job and had not bathed that day or the night before and then she is calling him all night long. I never understood it. I would bathe, had a job and went to school, played on the varsity football team, had my own car and they would all but punch me in the taint to stand in line to give my little brother all the salad tossings he wanted (in a few instances, really)... unfathomable. This goes on to this day, inexplicably.

Well I guess one of the collateral pieces of this equation is there would be a miniature harem of sexy ladies and....not so sexy ladies hanging out at my older brother's house, where my little brother was living after I moved out. These ladies, whether from cruelty, pity or simply in order to get the free room and board they all enjoyed at my older brother's expense, eating his food and giving his things to either my little brother if they were lucky enough to get with him or with their boyfriends, who would come over and pound their holes on my older brother's bed while he was at work, would string my brother along, telling him they would like it if he ate them out or whatever when their boyfriends got done. This is all a different post, just giving some back story.

So my brother finally picked up one of the ladies, and she was actually pretty attractive, but was also known to take up to 5 cocks in a single night (no not at the same time). He immediately left his wife for this tang... but still meets his wife at the pay-by-the-hour motels once or twice a week.... does that make him a player?

More tomorrow

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