Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Manager's meeting, part II

I work in IT
not only for the glamour
It's all for the chicks

An Empire Divided

So we are sitting downstairs after the meeting with Greyskull, and watching Attila lap up her lard flavored love juices, and everyone is kind of down. The reason? We all knew who would be picked, and it was bumming everyone out who bothered to give an objective opinion on who they believed should be manager; in essence our time had been wasted, nothing more than a bullet on Attila's quarterly accomplishments, something like "Asked for helpdesk input on new management personnel" or something stupid like that. The overwhelming majority had chosen Goggle Eyes as our choice for new management, with Karateman being a close second and Greyskull only if the other two had refused.

Attila came down, still glowing from what she thought was a fantastic interview, and asked our opinions on her. The Coog attempted to be diplomatic, telling her that while Greyskull's interview was impressive, we thought Goggle Eyes would be better suited for our team and keeping the atmosphere awesome, which it was. Lollipop agreed, but in a much louder fashion, which we had all learned was his actual normal speaking voice, which made everything a lot better because we all thought he was a manic depressive.

Attila's glow immediately faded, replaced by the dreaded "manager's scowl", which made most of the helpdesk quiver in fear; The Brit surrendered for no reason and to no one in particular 3 times. I must admit, I stopped playing pool on my computer and turned in mild interest. Damon still ignored everyone and turned his Van Halen and Journey up even friggin louder.

"I don't think you guys know what is best for you or what to look for in a manager' I paraphrase here because I was not paying attention 'and I think although your feedback is appreciated I will make the decision based on who I thought was the best candidate." And with that, she turned and stomped off to her office to murder the small Laotian whipping boy she kept caged under her chair for these occasions, or just to work on a document I can't remember.

We all gathered together then, wondering aloud why we were even consulted when we all were in solidarity and our conclusions still challenged. The Brit and M both decided they would try to get to know Greyskull before passing judgement; the Coog was unsure on her abilities and kept trying to draw attention to some of her telltale answers to some of his questions; Lollipop insulted me and then went back to editing his pictures, Babs and Damon turned Journey up so they could sing along with Faithfully.

2 weeks later Greyskull showed up. We had all hoped the door would be too narrow to allow entry into the office, but I guess she either lost some weight or had brought butter because she made it into her office. She came out and walked up and down our aisle, trying to make small talk or simply annoying all of us and wanting to set up "icebreaker meetings" with everyone. It was at this time, gentle reader, that I came the closest to faltering and joining the horde who thought she was a good person inside, just a little misguided. The Brit was immediately disarmed, and M and the Coog would fall victim after her constant meetings and requests to follow up on every mundane issue broke down their defenses. It was a battle to test my survival skills, and it only got worse...

Next in this thread: The first meeting!

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