Thursday, September 6, 2007


Hail the Nintendo!
Why must your games tempt me so?
Naughty fruit of love!


Alright I spend a lot of time making fun of my family, and I don't want anyone to think I think myself above them, because they are my family. I figured I would share a very recent screw up of my own on here.

I had just gotten a new job at the courthouse, which I had always assumed equalled doing absolutely no work and getting tons of overtime for jerking it in the bathrooms. Wrong on both counts, and I also learned that they frown on jerking it in the bathrooms here.

Anyway, I had the undaunting task of getting a brand new network printer serviced, because I had gone up there to take a look at it and while checking things out had taken a part off that would no longer go back in, rendering the printer completely useless. I hate talking to support people, and figured I would talk with Dell via their online chat service. I will from here post the conversation that led to this posting:


Me: "I actually just unboxed it Friday, they showed up on the 6th."

CSR: "You wouldn't happen to have an order number?"

Me: "No I could get one tomorrow but my manager is out and he has that stuff on his laptop."

CSR: One moment, please

Me: no problem

CSR: Here's what I'll do,

Me: h 'Tudes Assless Chaps bar in Duluth...

CSR *email excised* is my email

OK so here's what happened: we have an IM program here. I was joking around with another tech here, the Tylester. We were speculating where the printers say they were shipped to, because the CSR had told me they were showing as being shipped to some hospital in Mississippi, not to us. When the chat line is active, i.e. when a chat comes in, the focus switches back to that window. I had typed "Dudes with Tudes Assless Chaps Bar in Duluth" as a joke as to where the printer had been sent, and the focus switched, and since I type with my eyes on the keyboard (which should explain some of the typos) I never noticed the focus had changed.

I immediately logged off of the chat. I waited a few minutes and logged back on and got the same guy. He said his auditor had almost peed herself she was laughing so hard.

More tomorrow.

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Natasha said...

I love this story.