Monday, July 28, 2008


My wife gave me my tutu pictures back, and it seemed like a few were missing. I realized that some people who had been looking had given into their temptations and taken my beloved photos.

At first I was angry, but then I realized with some measure of pride that somewhere, someone is attempting to pass my photo off as them, maybe on, myspace, something like that, and it would make my day to know that somewhere, some guy successfully got to enter someone else because said person was so enamored with my photo, my looking coyly over my shoulder, that they cared not that they had been swindled.

That is my own little dream, and one that I hope comes to fruition. If anyone does get to second base or beyond based on my tutu picture, I would love to hear the tale, maybe share it with the world. It would also be awesome to hear that you showed a friend or something and they instantly vomited all over the carpet.

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