Monday, September 15, 2008

....that is all.

Ode to the Chiefs

O Kansas City,
Why do you hurt me so?
Play well against the Pats,
then caught in Raiders undertow?

Great Kansas City,
why do you suck so much?
One QB with a weak arm,
The other no soft touch?

Fine Kansas City,
Who, oh who is to blame?
Fire Edwards and Peterson both
The outcome t'would be the same

Sad, sad Kansas City,
where's our offensive front?
why doth our playbook read
"run, run, sack, punt"?

Some point to Larry,
Some say Croyle's to blame,
but I take a wider view,
for all 22 seem lame

A gentle wind whispers,
through seats gone unfilled
,as a tired fan base cries out
"why do we keep getting killed?"

Our play is uninspired,
Our stat sheet is a joke,
Our running back is useless,
Our star receivers choke

I thought it would be great
if we'd play a college or two,
but we would get routed
if we played Kansas or Mizzou

But worry not, fair KC Fans,
there's brighter days ahead
cause it can't get any dang worse
than it did last Sunday at Arrowhead.

This is my original work. Feel free to paraphrase/plaigarize.

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