Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Smeagol's new ride

Smeagol's fine kisses
makes you throw up in your mouth
cause he uses tongue

So Smeagol has finally paid his fly ride off. It is a 1992 Honda Prelude, according to JJ it has slightly more rust than actual body, maybe a hair less than 200000 miles on it, a prime automobile if ever there was one. I like knowing that it took him 8 months to pay off a 1500 dollar car, with all the money he is making at his "second" job and all, it is a feel good story for us all.

So the date is set, October 13 I think I will take at least Mom, Smeagol and JJ to Gates on 10th and State in KCK, if some of you should happen to show up that is out of my control, no snuggling with Smeagol Tylester and Will!

I leave you with a few photos, and the explanations... enjoy.

Alright, the first one is of me and the Bakelester. This asshat calls me upwards od 6 times a day to tell me about his tips. In the photo I told him we should take the ladies to the gunshow. As you can see I held up my end of the bargein (you're welcome, ladies), but he just points to his head. Thanks, choad.

Next up:

Let me start by answering a few of the questions that instantly pop up in your filth-infested minds: no his weiner is not resting on my finger. No I am not pointing at his man-junk. No I do not remember why I have such an orgasmic o-face going on. No we are not holding hangs while his junk rests on my finger. I only read Cosmo to see what chicks think and stuff. I have never tasted an appletini. I am not sure why I am also pointing at my own junk, or why the Tylester's grin seems so serene.

To the ladies though, the answer is yes, such a delicious slice of man pie IS available for your loving pleasure, and I know what you're thinking: "How could such a sensual man-beast bursting with virility be also available? He must be a pedophile", but the answer is a big, huge, pulsating negatory... the Tylester is a futuristic love-bot, sent back in time to teach one lucky woman the ways of love...

BTW, Tylester you now owe me 10 dollars. Get it out of Smeagol's thong, wash it off, and give it to me.

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