Friday, August 1, 2008


guzzle suckage, fiend!
taste your better's warm vag milk!
Oh, You Ligget Steve!

Question 1: Why is it now whenever I go to do an office visit they look disappointed that I wear clothes other than the tutu? Do you really want to see something like that all the time?

Question 2: If Miller High Life is the champagne of beer, as the Tylester so eloquently puts it, then where does my favorite, Boone's Farm wine, fit in? Would that be more like the malt liquor of champagne?

Question 3: I was scratching my balls this morning, and as usual sniffed my fingers. Why did they smell fruity?

Question 4: Should tobogganing down some stone steps in the middle of a snow storm in super tight burgundy boxers become an olympic sport? I mean come on, it sounds funny but if curling is a sport...

Question 5: do only gay people and God's special little clowns actually watch the Olympics?

Question 6: Can Smeagol have his car towed to your house? My dad will not let him tow it to his until he pays him that 10 dollars he borrowed those many years ago....

Question 7: Apparently Smeagol works evenings. Would you drive all the way to Liberty just to get a Big Mac?

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