Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wilkinson's maxed out son!

Homeless women? Sad
Homeless winos? funny times!
double standard? Nope

The gay-off

OK so I just finished telling the Tylester about this but figured I would share with the rest of you. THis story is not so much about Smeagol, but the implications are.

It was a beautiful summer in 1997. I was a young lad, full of love and unspent jizms, a private first class in ROTC and a strapping stud on the football field. I went to go pick Smeagol up, he had been fired again for something random, this happened almost once every other month.

Smeagol's job was a breeding ground for Freddie Mercury stunt doubles. Literally EVERY other dude who worked there was as gay as the day is long, and could barely contain said gayness. I have posted about Ted, the super gay football player who would wear his hair in a flip and routinely got arrested for male prostitution, including taking 4 cocks at once in a back alleyway, and TH, the gay guy who looked like Milli Vanilli and was known as a vicious scrapper who would ride your cock after he knocked you out, you have heard the story so there is no need to explain.

There was Don, the gay/homeless crackhead who would literally spend his entire check on alcohol and crack rocks, and this was during the times of the Mystical Retard, who worked down there at the same time, so there may have been a little more going on at that time. Don enjoyed taking it, and telling us or anyone he could corner in graphic detail how his lover for the night slid his cock into Don's unlubed ass, how he enjoyed shitting all over the unlucky gentleman's stomach as he plunged hir cornhole with much gusto.

And finally there was Freeman. Freeman was normal looking, a little soft spoken, 6'3 and pretty muscular. Freeman was in love with JJ. He offered JJ 1000 dollars to come "dance on the table" at his house, and JJ informed me he had planned to go, saying 1000 bux for just dancing on the table, his naivete showing like I would assume Ted's red ass when the cops had to cavity search him, giggling like Mr. Slave as the mag light was shoved into his pooper.

I informed JJ that he was NOT going to just dance, and informed him, as he already knew, that Freeman was gay. I tried to gently press the issue by telling him that Freeman outweighed him by several dozen pounds and almost a foot. I looked at him knowingly, waiting for what was going to happen to sink in. It finally did and JJ is still grateful to me for saving his anal virginity.

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