Monday, August 11, 2008


coddle my cock, girl!
10 bux should buy more than licks
ask Senator Craig

Today sucks. I am alone and the phone is ringing off the hook (meaning I took more than 3 calls today). I cannot spend the time I usually do building a post, you know, going to the storyboards, creating a rough outline, and then ignoring all that and copying and pasting from the book I am writing because I am too fat and lazy to bother coming up with original content, and since it's true I don't need to.

I saw my old manager the other day, from da Firm, and had an awkward reunion with my nemesis.

Apparently she had heard about the tutu, and wanted photos of said outfit. Who told her? Was it lazy Santa? I don't remember a puce Fiero driving by and hearing a distant giggle as I frolicked, but it is possible. Could it have been Flanders? Nah, I didn't have a cross or rosary on so he is probably still crying while Jesus strokes his head gently, wishing he's shut the fuck up so he can finish watching the Chief's game he TIVO'd. Des? Nah, he is still conducting experiments to find out all the ingredients that go into greens. This is a mystery that I will solve, if it takes the next 3 minutes to do it!

More tomorrow.


Natasha said...

lillipop is my guess

Stevester said...

During their daily makeout session? I would posit that Santa heard through his radar-like nipples about it and giggled into her life/heart with the tale.