Wednesday, August 27, 2008


do you know Hawkwind?
Probably not, me neither...
so how 'bout them Chiefs?

"White men are the natives of this country!" - Random klansmen trying to moisten his sister up I presume.

"You know, I am pounding your hole less and less lately. You're not a gay are you?" - Me, to my wife last night. She informed me that that was one of the top 10 most sensitive things I have ever said to her, and I almost stopped watching the football game long enough to look at her. But then someone threw a touchdown, so I thought better of it.

"Those men wanted to have SEX with me!" Dan Akroyd, 1983 (kudos if you can remember the movie, it was on HBO last night)

"Stevester you are the sexiest fairy I have ever seen, let me lick your Hershey Kiss nipples!" - My very male neighbor after my wife showed him my tutu pics.

"Move it, turd burglar" - some random person in the store last night. Not to me, though, or it would have been funnier.

"You fuckin' go gay to get on Hollywood TV, promote your Democrat politics...." Richard Burgess (Youtube him, it is awesome)

"Let me know when you get it up and I will come down and watch" A federal judge to me yesterday. MMmMMmMmmm......

"Well all I have are these skinny short white ones. Don't you have anymore of those big thick long black ones?" Courtroom Deputy, talking about AV cables but I never wanted someone to walk by and hear just that in my life.


Anonymous said...

Trading Places loser...

Stevester said...

Nope, your uncle when I had him arrested for shitting on my white velvet covered couch.