Monday, March 24, 2008

What the Hell...?

O, sweet India,
you've taken 3 jobs from me
I gladly give them

So I was talking to my wife about the good old days, which is the second sign you are getting old, the first is shitting your bed, and as we all know I have done that before. Anyway, last evening's discussion came about because I had put Thriller on a cd, and she had heard the song but never saw the video. WTF?! How could you miss out on one of the best music videos of our time? I tried in vain to convey the awesomeness that was 1980's cable, with those brown zip boxes you got from American Cablevision (5 dollars to the first person to send me a picture of one of those, I can't find one) which went from channel 2 to 37, to MTV when it actually showed shit like:


and of course the reason for the conversation:

I am sorry, that one was too awesome, here is the real one...

Anyway, she claims she did not have cable and only listened to what her dad did, which is stuff like Rush, Kraftwerk's Autobahn, Pink FLoyd, and her mother's *shudder* *vomit* Beatles... I guess that's all good, but now I have made it my life's (at least for this week) work to train her in the beautiful art of the 80's video. Cure and Duran Duran here we come!

The bar was great last Friday: Sexy time looks were exchanged, feels were copped, many a new Greyskull joke/insult were pondered, heinies were shown. All in all good times to be had all around. I swear one of these times I will bring along Smeagol, if only for entertainment value but because, and I cannot believe I am saying this, I miss my brother a little bit. Sure he owes me money, hits on my wife, eats my food, stinks my furniture up, sleeps while everyone talks around him, and is otherwise a total jerk, but he's my bro, you know?

Which reminds me... This one time (at band camp), JJ and I decided to take the Smeagolese along to go play some ballbaskets. This was a hilarious field trip for a number of reasons, the chief among them being that raptors do not play basketball. They can have teams named after them, but they cannot play basketball.

Dangit, work calls, I will finish tomorrow. And I will make sure in the future to piggyback the rest of my scams with some more Smeagol goodness until I finish the threads I have, and then I will let them die much as clean bacteria die in Smeagol's thong after they come into contacts with his Raptorpubes...

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