Wednesday, March 5, 2008

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Rare political rant

I have to ask, and I know I risk losing some of my 4 readers here but I have to wonder: what retards voted for John McCain? It seems like the Republican Party of lat (and by "of late" I mean "the last 8 years") seems to really have gone down the shitter, with scandals such as the gentleman who was in charge of a group that combatted sexual exploitation of minors who then got caught sending lewd and lacivious emails to pages (Foley) to some asshole who was a manager of a damn stable completely fucking up a disaster his new job was created to combat (Brown) to the senator telling us that the internet "is a series of tubes, it's not a truck" (Stevens) To a senator totally against gay anything getting caught attempting to get some black mamba in his anus in a Minneapolis shithouse (Craig). These are not even a small indicator of all the crap that has gone on ein the last almost decade, yet it astounds me to know that there are people out there who still vote for that party.

Let me put this into context: If you come over to my house to borrow a cup of sugar, and every time I opened the door I committed sodomy on you, how many times would you keep coming back before you learn your lesson and go somewhere else to get sugar? (If your answer was longer than a week, send me an email, I would like you to come by my house)

The economy is in the fucking shitter, Iraq had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with 911 or terror, we are losing the war in afghanistan as well as Iraq, and yet almost half of the country seems to think our new leadership should come from the same party. My dad is a huge McCain supporter, and I asked him why, since like me he is poor and it is well known that the last couple of Republican presidents have shit on the poor, I am willing to bet if they had the time they would drive by each poor person and do it personally. His answer started out with the same stereotype: that Dems are all limp wristed liberals who would surrender to the terrorists and blah blah blah, I stopped listening because my brains were leaking out of my ear.

I like how all people who would vote Democrat are automatically limp wristed effimate either full-blown homo or on the cusp of gaydom. I so wish I could be a senator so I could go on some of these shows and when they start that crap about me being a wimp and shit I could kill them with my superb prowess in unarmed physical combat, then shit in their tacos to boot.

I also like those books by Ann "I am a piece of human feces" Coulter, calling all liberals homos and the like, I would like to publish a book entitled: "All Republicans Eat Babies After Raping Them"... catchy, no?

Anyway, I think I will get to a couple of scams tomorrow, they are backing up, I also have a few more Mystical Retard stories as well as some Dad and Janet, so good times.

Sorry about the rant, but whenever I try to bring it up with my Conservative friends, they usually resort to the "Win by Volume" method, which usually wins. I like how all they can bring up about Bill Clinton is how he lied about shooting Lewinski a little man-gravy, hell if every person in office got in trouble for that terms would only be about an hour or so.

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