Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just a quick note on the poll

To all those jokesters who voted Nell Carter, kill yourself. To the loyal few who thought I was a fatter Michael Strahan, you are awesome and can crash on my sofa anytime. I did my part for homeland security today, taking my strangely middle eastern looking British friend to the airport. I didn't think about it until I drove off, but it probably looked funny me parking in the fire lane nowhere near the actual terminal, popping the trunk and getting his bags out then taking off as fast as I did. Oh well if they can't take a joke screw em.

Also on the current poll, there will be stories on all fo them, just wanted to know what to do in upcoming weeks, I am thinking of doing like a series or something on each topic (yes I have that many stories). More on the crack chronicles tomorrow, including "toboggan boy".


Anonymous said...

Dude, you totally should have had Shirley Hemphill on there!

Stevester said...

What's Happenin!

wbabbit said...

Dude where's SteveL? We need photoshopped pics of you!