Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things that make you go "Oh Gawd!"

The Bouree by Bach
can cause the ladies to swoon
'cept when I play it

Alright, so a short recap and then on to yesterday's shenanigans.

Over my illustrious career I have said some rather stupid things. Things that I should really think harder about before I utter them, as they can be construed so many ways. I would like to share these with you, and also tell you about what I said yesterday. There is also a new poll on the right, more for my informational purposes, but a decent one nevertheless. Benson Hunter, if you're still reading this, contact me buddy!

So yesterday I had to set up an audioconference in a room with no jacks with which to hook our phone up to. It is one of those Voicepoints, which takes an analog line and converts it to digital and hooks up to what looks like a throwing star that is actually a pretty schweet speakerphone. Usually what I have to do is hook it up to an analog jack, plug everything in and off I go. But as in everything, friggin nothings ever easy anymore, except maybe Smeagol (zing!)

Anyway, I used the fax line for the copier around the corner, and figured I would inform my boss about what I had done in case he got any calls or anything about people not being able to fax, as even if I sent out a global email and put up cones and a huge sign we would still get calls... the following conversation ensues:

Me: Me
Him: Boss

Me: "OK, so I got the projector set up, logged into the Sametime site and made sure all the active X controls were installed, got all the numbers and stuff, I hooked the Voicepoint up, I just figure I would do like we did last time, remember when we jacked off behind the copier there, so ever.....y....thing..."

Him: "What did you just say?! Close the door! Close the door!"

I heard TYlester stop typing on his computer and realized he was in complete awe that I had somehow topped the Duluth comment, and not to some Dell tech but to my boss. Cue loudest most unstoppable gigglefest ever, like that episode of Beavis and Butthead when they are not allowed to laugh or they will get expelled and it is sex education day. Remember they get outside and this huge outburst of giggling took place? Yes.

So this joins my list of stupid stuff I have said, and now I would like you to vote.

Which saying will take the longest to live Down?

1. "When does she turn 18?" Said about the 14 year old intern while Greyskull was walking by.

2. "Hey, let's go straight, I've never been straight before." Said to my old boss and a coworker on our way to test for our first belt when I took Kempo.

3. Dudes With Tudes Assless Chaps Gay Bar in Duluth - said in a chat with a Dell Technician

4. "I usually use the long black one, it's thicker." Said to a courtroom deputy when talking about video cables.

5. "Remember when we jacked off behind the copier there?" Said in reference to an analog line jack

Please vote, and be honest...


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