Wednesday, December 17, 2008

short post yo

Bye Carl Peterson
You've taken the Chiefs to shit
and hid the TP

And yesterday, gentle readers, I hand-partied to a man for the first time since "Jitterbug" came out on MTV, and for a different reason. When I heard Monday Night that Mr. Peterson was out, I was shocked, cold, a little hungry, and quite strangely aroused. Was it true? What could this mean? And why was I hugging Tylester?

Anyway, such awesomeness should not go unawarded. I hope the Chiefs fans who promised to come back when Peterson was gone stick to their promise; filling the stadium after getting rod of CP would be a much more powerful message than continuing to show no support for the rookies out there on the field who need our support.

One last note before I get to the post though, why is it such a big fucking deal to "make these guys feel comfortable and build their confidence"? Are they toddlers or bipolar? If someone not cheering for you makes you play like a shit time, then you are a shit time playerwho needs to grow up. Why is it alright to attribute their shitty play to not feeling confident and I got 20+ manager's meetings for grunting?!

Phun Tyme link for Jonathan Lee Riches, I am renaming my house "the Man Hole" from now one:

Anyway, no word from Smeagol yet on coming to my house, I am wondering if he is in jail as his phone is busy every time I call, or does that mean I am blocked? And does that make me a loser when a raptor refuses to talk to me? I need a hug, I think.

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